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Here at Baan Unrak we aim to help ALL animals in any way we can.

 Thai Animal Sanctuary was founded by Gemma Ashford in 2007 and is dependent on private donations. From caring for a few local street dogs, we now have a sanctuary and veterinary clinic, the only one serving this remote part of Kanchanaburi province. Work involves the health care and population control of many animals. Gemma Ashford …


Baan Unrak Animal Sanctuary Thailand A big big thank you to Sue for all your hard work, the animals and humans will miss you . Stay safe for the rest of your travels. XBaan Unrak Animal Sanctuary Thailand at Baan Unrak Thai Animal Sanctuary.30.11.2015 at 09:45 amLike
Harriet Reesor Hoping to make some money through collar sales and donations today, so I can bring cash/medical supplies with me to the sanctuary in January.28.11.2015 at 05:44 pmLike
Baan Unrak Animal Sanctuary Thailand Thank you Jess for volunteering with us and for all your hard work. We will all miss you, especially our puppy Dave. Cannot wait to see you back here!Baan Unrak Animal Sanctuary Thailand feeling missing.28.11.2015 at 08:42 amLike
Baan Unrak Animal Sanctuary Thailand We would like to say a really big thank you to our recent vet volunteer from Belgium, Marie who left for Myanmar then onto her new job in France.
She was one of our most fun and hard working volunteers yet and she will be sorely missed. Bon chance, à bientôt and hope there's not too much frog (fog)!
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Baan Unrak Animal Sanctuary Thailand Song repairing broken cages :)27.11.2015 at 07:53 amLike
Baan Unrak Animal Sanctuary Thailand The way to help our vet clinic - you can send the wish list to vets in your area and bring donations with you or send it to us:

Haemostatics (injection) - Vit K, cyclonamine, ethamsylate and any other.We can buy only Vit K, but with a lot of difficulties and it's expensive. The most important thing to get.
Meloxicam injections - painkiller which we can use for cats.
Doxapram, adrenaline
Spots on and dewormers (fipronil spray is perfect for fleas and ticks on small dogs, puppies and cats) - anything, anytime. We use a lot.
Lidocaine spray for intubation.

Other useful donations:
Gauze swabs - cheap and easy to bring and we do not have to cut it then.
Absorbable sutures with cutting needles - what we have is ripping and causing inflammatory reactions sometimes. So always good to have better ones.
Bandages, cohesive bandage , softbans etc.
Intubation tubes - especially small ones for cats (3.0, 3.5, 2.5).
Snap tests for FELV/FIV.
Surgical gloves - size 6.5 and 8
Drapes (disposable ideally but also cloth fenestrated and table drapes if in good condition)

Ambu bag - cheap and lifesaving.
Microchip reader
Cauterizing blade - would be very, very useful in surgeries like amputations (and we have quite a lot of them), as the bleeding is massive and we haemostatics here are difficult /impossible to buy.
Blood tests - machine for morphology and biochemistry. Biochemistry can be same as for humans (cheaper), but morphology must be for animals.
Ultrasound - we could diagnose a lot of diseases without sending to Sai Yok.
Surgical lamp - would be much easier and safer for animals to perform surgeries with it.
X-ray - possibly we'll have one donated from Australia
Oesophageal stethoscope - cheap ways of monitoring anaesthetics if we do not have access to pulse oximetry machines
Pulse ox. - the ideal way to monitor anaesthetics
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Baan Unrak Animal Sanctuary Thailand Our amazing Song fixed surgical table - now it's stable and easier to perform surgeries on it.26.11.2015 at 10:14 amLike
Baan Unrak Animal Sanctuary Thailand Happy Loi Krathong to all our volunteers, supporters and friends!25.11.2015 at 03:43 pmLike
Baan Unrak Animal Sanctuary Thailand Immunisation 👍Baan Unrak Animal Sanctuary Thailand added 2 new photos.25.11.2015 at 05:15 amLike
Baan Unrak Animal Sanctuary Thailand Rescuing a puppy which was stuck in the roof in a guesthouse.Baan Unrak Animal Sanctuary Thailand added 2 new photos.25.11.2015 at 01:45 amLike